Welcome to my store. I am Pilar, aka MamaBear. I have been doing some form of art for most of my life, of course it started with coloring. I remember having a toy spinning wheel as a small child. Macrame came next, then weaving, spinning and it went on from there. I once thought I would like to make it “BIG”, Pilar would be on everyone’s lips. “Oh, you have a Pilar!” As nice as that would be, I am content just making things for people as I can, health allowing. Even though it now takes me longer, I still dedicate myself to a making a quality piece. As most artists will tell you, a piece of art sort of makes itself, I just help it get there. When I start a weaving, I might have an idea of what I want to make, but it may change as the piece progresses. I feel the personality of the piece come through as I am working. No two pieces are alike, even if I tried, the piece is affected by my mood, how I feel, what music I am listening to, etc. But I never rush my work, I pride myself on the quality of my work. I joke that I am making each piece for “Oprah”. The beauty of a hand made piece of art are those slight imperfections and each piece is unique in itself. I like to think about who will this piece “speak to” and what will they carry in it? (assuming it is one of my purses) Take a look at my photos. Some items may still be available, if not, maybe I can make something just for you.

This is a demo store for testing purposes — no orders shall be fulfilled.